Night Wandering

I go out at night. Not physically but online.

Start of my night at those big, bright stores (window shopping) or those bars/diners (where forums gather to chat) or the all night library and news stands (silent reading). Then I head to the darker, quieter parts.

At first it’ll be things like dating websites or blogs, just reading people’s profiles. It’s like looking through the window and seeing what they have on display. Most often I don’t bother leaving a note, just passing thru.

When it gets late then I start for home, but not before checking out what’s in the neighborhood. Starts at my feed  but then I’ll go to a commenter’s page, and look around. See what they’ve been up to in the past weeks. Then I’ll see their ex or their friend’s comment and I’ll click on them. Hmm, profile locked. Back a page and on to the next person until I find a door that’s unlocked and suddenly find myself in a stranger’s home. Look through their pictures of friends, check out all the foods they ate, see the wall papers they put up for their cover photos. I make my inferences of the things they do, hold my little judgements of them. Sometimes I’ll leave a like or a comment just to say “someone you didn’t know was going thru your stuff”. (I’m disappointed when I come back the following week and the doors are still unlocked.)

What does it mean that I have this separate nocturnal activity? I’d like to not think that I don’t have a life but that I have a night life. ●﹏●


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