Fixin’ is part of the job description

“Eh…close enough”

My job in the Kingdom is to build. Design the layout, lay a foundation, drive in some nails so they hold tight. etc, etc…or so I think. Lately it’s been fixing. Gah! >=^[

It’s like this scene in my favorite movie, Kung Fu Hustle where the girl is trying to fix her broken lollipop and it just crumbles. It is not fun, but I realize it’s part of my job. My beautiful lollipop is my friend I’m trying to help put back together. I try to understand all that she is. I’ve gone back over a year through her blog, reading through everything. I watch all the video clips and listen to all the songs she posts. When she sends me snippets of stories from a video-game, I read those too. But sometimes it feels like I’m just a ghost, floating and unable to tangibly make a difference.

I realize very well that one outcome is that this lollipop stays broken–but damnit to hell, as long I’m around that is neh-ver going to happen. Just as God doesn’t throw us away but continually works to repair us, I can’t give up either. I can not for one, full second consider the option of leaving her broken. I’ve seen her happy and full of that Joie de vivre and I can’t compromise, can’t leave her in her current state.

I want to fly. I want to be where all the parts and pieces are fresh, sturdy, ready to become part of something exquisite and grand. But that all can wait while I work on restoring her because I’ve seen her beauty.



One thought on “Fixin’ is part of the job description

  1. Your unending love and devotion is to be commended… it truly is.
    I don’t think I’ve seen its match anywhere, at least from what I’ve seen of this world.
    Here’s hoping the ‘broke’ can be fixed — because you know that is indeed the end goal, no matter how much resistance and stubbornness can surface, unbeknownst even to the author of said obstacles….

    *hugs and love from afar* xX

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