When you’re so bored…you become angry.

Well maybe not “bored” but there comes a time in your life when you look at how others live their lives and you realize you’re not living your own. That the hours you waste here could be used for so much more!

Something I hate is taking the day off because I’m sick or taking the day and not doing anything. I’m stingy about my PTO (paid time off from work) and so when I do get the time off I’d like to do something worthwhile, so that when I come back, I’m changed.

And yet I have hours every night of “free time” but what do I do with it? Nothing special. I need to realize that some day I will die, and no one will care how many blogs I read, how many articles I’ve up-voted, how many meme’s I was mildly amused at for 2 seconds. Death by a thousand cuts.

No more! (Well for tonight anyhow, we’ll start this battle again tomorrow night.)


2 thoughts on “When you’re so bored…you become angry.

  1. WDJ, man.
    This is perhaps one of the dreariest things I’ve ever seen you write. (???)
    Obviously now I want to know… as I’m sure others do… what is it that you’d prefer to be doing when you’re up at all hours of the night, neh?
    Perhaps one of those “jump in the car and get lost, not caring where the f*ck you wind up” types of missions?
    I’m with you on that one, that’s for sure.
    On your right, good buddy. *huggaz* We all have these moments – God knows I do – and it’s probably a really good thing we can at least recognize them and then start making changes.
    Wouldn’t it be great to at least do something crazy and spontaneous on one of those nights when you’re bombarded with ennuie and then look back on it and be *so* glad that you did it???


    • I think I’d love to get lost once in awhile when I know where I’m going. I realize that if you’re always lost then it’s not fun.

      When I’m up planning my podcast for my best friend it feels like I’m doing something productive. She’s going to consume it and it’ll be mentally nutritious. When I’m designing Tshirts, I’ll know it’ll be printed and worn and a group of people will feel confident of the shared identity I toiled to create.

      If it were a spontaneous adventure, that’d at least be something but it’s just all these little distractions that I give in to that I don’t realize how much they’ve ate of my life. Like empty, flavorless carbs that rob me of the appetite I should have for filet mignon or com tâm.

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