Some of Today’s Questions:

…of which may have been asked silently.

“Why are my co-workers so determined to make me fail at my job?” (To myself)
“We were being dramatic, weren’t we? Don’t our co-workers really love us?” (Self questioning)

“How long do you think people are going to look at this zit?” (Guy in the mirror)

“Do you realize that by you emphasizing how much and how often you know something to be true, that you’re subtly saying, ‘I know the rest of the world doesn’t believe’ and that ‘It’s only true to me'” (To the Mormon missionary on my living room couch)

“Why am I inviting these guys back? Why do they want to come back? They know they’re not going to convert me right?” What am I doing with my life? (Self questioning)
“But then again, who else is going to expose them to the one, Church founded by Christ?” (Catholic guilt to myself)

“Do you think the best days of your life are behind you?” (While reading a friends blog)

“Why would you think ANYONE will want to read this runny, unformed, word diarrhea?” (While reading random blogs)

“Why would anyone want to read my blog/posts?” (To myself)

“Are we really going to open this bag of chips?” (To myself)

“Did we really just eat this entire bag of chips?” (To the fatty in the mirror)


2 thoughts on “Some of Today’s Questions:

  1. Hahahaha. You know, I have a lot of Jehovah Witnesses as patients. I’m Nondenominational myself. I have to remind myself that everyone believes differently and to them, their religion is more right than my religion and vice versa. I wouldn’t want anyone trying to covert me, ever. So I don’t do it to anyone else.

    And I hate when my chips disappear. I swear I only eat one. Two at the most.

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  2. I knew you’d sounded off yesterday but… only now do I realize how much. Heh. Good post though, even though I can just feel you wanting to tear your hair out with confusion/exasperation!?
    And dude, shut up. The zit was not that bad yo.


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