My Garden and its Horrible Growth

I have a garden that’s recently come back into my possession. But it’s a special garden, one under glass that I can’t touch directly, I can only feed it occasionally, give it light.

It’s recently had 2 large weeds ripped out of it. 2 weeds that took up a lot of my garden’s water and sunlight. And this garden looks pretty sad with its large…bald spots missing from it. My beautiful garden is struggling to grow back into its own but it’s lived so long with this Harvest Yellow colored weed and this Mahogany colored weed that it no longer wants to grow free of these parasites. H and M over-run it still and she’ll never grow as long as she doesn’t get rid of them completely.

These small pieces of them just grow back and grow stronger, choking her till she tries to live without them, but with none of their strength, just something not dead but not fully alive. I can’t do anything except to feed her and give her sunlight…she has to fight them off by herself.


3 thoughts on “My Garden and its Horrible Growth

  1. Beautifully written – and so thoughtful neh.
    Never forget however, as someone else pointed out earlier, that there had never been so much rapid, strong growth to this garden than when the two big weeds were ripped out. Certainly there are last, scuttling bits that need to be continually dealt with but, on the whole, the garden has been flourishing nonetheless.
    Xx Gardening is, as we all know, a constant work in progress after all…

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