I got the right one


Something scary and something surprising happened this weekend.

Over the weekend, the wife, baby and I went department store shopping and decided to check out our different departments before meeting up. I was casually strolling about with the munchkin when she texted me, “There’s a man following me.” I high-tailed it to find her and when I did, she had told me this man had been following her throughout the store. Sometimes he’d duck behind an aisle when she turned around,┬ásometimes he’d be behind her so close that she could feel him invading her personal space. The last straw was when he asked if he she was alone. She said no picked up her pace to find me.

She described him to me and before we had left, I saw him. He was a white dude, who had been really tanned (like a beach bum). His hair was bleached dreadlocks put into spikes. He wore a tank top and entirely too short, shorts. His eyes were blood shot. He was clearly on something. While in the check-out line, I could see him walking back and forth through the store a couple of more times looking at my wife and eyeing some other women…and then he disappeared.

We decided to let security know what was going on in case he was creeping someone else out or in case he’d escalate and do something. A gal who worked at the store overheard us describing the situation and chimed in that she walked out 4 other female customers because he had been following them out, but that he finally left the store.

Later that night when we sat down to a late dinner, the wife said grace and I was a little shocked that of all the people she would pray for, it was for that guy. “Please, Lord, help him with what he needs to get better.” I was kind of in shock…but at the same time, so proud of her. My wife was visibly shaken after the encounter, but here she was genuinely praying for her enemy. G’ah! Just another confirmation that I married the right one. Someone who is selfless enough to think past herself and put herself in that person’s shoes and understand that he might not be a bad person. Just someone who’s made bad choices. I’m astounded and in awe! This is the type of person I married. n_______n